HOn3 - english light version

The die is cast .....
after Gneetzäpplbahn we continue with the construction of some of the modules and route segments in H0n3. The rolling stock will be mainly come from Blackstone Models. A transition to other FREMO H0n3 modules will be possible at least in one direction.

After test module now creates four line segments. These are not modules, as these segments are only available in a set order together. Because "only" main track is available (no station) I call these four segments simply Milepost 45 = kilometer 45th The transition to other modules is given on the left front side (FREMO H0n3-profile "Hill"). The track segments have dimensions of 0.85 x 0.50 cm each.

Of landscaping following thoughts: The narrow gauge route follows a narrow valley, while twice crossed the mountain river (steep cliffs, various bridges, quarry bottom).
After the creation of the laser file has taken some time, it starts out in early October 2012 with the construction of the four segments.

Pictures speak louder than words ....

Special thanks to S. Neumann for translation !!